Natural Makeup for Mature Skin

You know how you watch a dozen different makeup tutorials and you wonder; will any of these work for me since I have mature skin? I decided to explore this, being that I am 50 years old and do have mature skin. There are a lot of different problems we face that just don’t apply to the younger face. Age spots, a rougher texture, larger pores, wrinkles, sagging, puffiness, etc…

I have taken it upon myself to try out different products. To see what actually works. For instance, I love the newer matte liquid lipstick fad that is going on right now in the makeup world, however, when I try these beautiful matte finishes on me, they leave my lips looking dry and cracked. Not very youthful.

I am still learning how to make videos but as time goes on I will improve. I already have a new camera so the next video will be filmed with that and I will be concentrating on things that work on mature skin.

Here is my latest video. Please subscribe and give me a thumbs up, and share if you think my videos would be helpful to someone you know. I will be using both high end and drugstore brands and will be picking up new things whenever I can to let you know if it is worth purchasing.


Below is a list of the products I used with my opinion on the products.

This is actually a really nice little eye gel cream. Before I apply concealer and powder under my eyes I apply this at least three times and let it sink in. Some creams will get heavy under the eyes and just lay on the skin but this sinks in and helps to reduce the puffiness and soften wrinkles temporarily to make your concealer look much smoother.


Maybelline is a good dupe for Smashbox Primer. I actually prefer Baby Skin and for the price, lucky me. It does a beautiful job filling in those pores and giving your skin a softer, blurred look.


First off, I have tried about every priming spray there is available including Smashbox Coconut Water, Loreal Infallible, Nyx has one, etc… I have really tried them all. There is nothing that compares to MAC Fix+ Prep and Prime. I spray it on top of my regular primer and spritz my Real Techniques sponge before dabbing on my foundation and concealer. It gives me a smoother finish and real staying power. This is a holy grail product. The Real Techniques sponge is very nice too and a cheaper way to go over the Beauty Blender which is $20 as compared to only $5.99 plus I love the flat side of the sponge.


Loreal Infallible is my absolute favorite foundation of all time. I will say I have not tried ALL of the higher end foundations but I have been paying attention and I see a lot of the beauty girls returning to this product. It leaves a beautiful, flawless finish and has awesome shades to choose from. The finish is matte but not drying. Being older I do use a little facial oil before I apply my makeup. So if you are on the dryer side make sure to moisturize well. For the price point it is certainly worth a try. I picked up several other foundations but I keep going back. LOVE IT! 106 is my color. I like to warm it up a bit because I am so pale on my face and chest.


This Loreal Translucent Powder was a nice Dollar Tree find. I liked it so much I went back to grab a few more but they were sold out. It is not cakey and doesn’t lay on your skin. I decided to pick up Infallible Pressed Powder since the Visuelle line has been discontinued. I will make a report on it later on. If you happen to find this gem, pick it up. Oh yes, I used the bronzer brush from the Up & Up collection at Target.


Let’s talk about Wet N Wild! This drugstore brand really delivers in pigment and blend-ability. If you can’t go out and pick up a $50 palette, this is not going to disappoint. I can switch from my high end brands to this one seamlessly. The sparkle in the bottom color is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t give you that weird sheen that seems to enhance older eyes. It has a nice, matte finish.


Okay, I love a good eyebrow pencil and NYX actually has a great dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. But in this video I used the NYX Eyebrow Gel in brunette and I applied it with an angle liner brush I received in my Ipsy bag. I love this product because it fills beautifully and the staying power is amazing. Since I have weak brows I want to make sure they stay. It is a dryer formula and will take time to apply. What I am trying to say is that it is more difficult to apply but worth it. Not something you can do quickly. It will create hair where their is none and won’t rub off.


This is the liner I used. It is my easy, go to eyeliner. I know there are better liners but for something simple and for the price, this liner is what I grab. I find it really easy to use for my older eyes. It is not the blackest black which is good for every day. I will explore different liners soon.


I have recently started purchasing from Morphe Brushes and I LOVE this brand. The new contour palette is amazing. The powders are soft and blend-able, the banana powder is stunning for brightening under the eyes. The first contour palette I have ever tried was Anastasia Beverly Hills and while it was nice I was disappointed with how little powder I could get on my brush. Morphe is much better in my humble opinion and cheaper. And make sure when you are done with all of your powders to spritz with a setting spray. This will take away any powder-iness that can look aging.


This is the concealer I used in this video. I do love it and find it is smooth and covers well. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect concealer for aging under eyes. I have tried a lot of brands both drugstore and high end. This is one of the better ones. But I am still looking. I follow Marlena of Makeup Geek on her snapchat and she said she is working on a concealer that I am patiently waiting to try. I also heard Kat Von D is working on a new formula.


This mascara is okay. I don’t hate it or love it. It is fine for using if you plan on applying false lashes. It does not smudge and fluffs out the nails nicely. I was out of my favorite mascara which is Sephora’s Outrageous Curl. This is the mascara I use when no false lashes are happening.


And finally I get to these two products. I received these in my Ispy bag in December 2015. What can I say, I hated them both. Two strong? I’m just being honest. The lip liner was so pale there was no defining my lips. Check out my video. And the lipstick was so dry it dragged across my lips and left me dry and chapped looking. Not what you are looking for no matter your age. I would not recommend these products to anyone. In fact, Model Co. as ended up in my Ipsy bag four times now and I only liked the powder blush.


So that is it. I know this is a long post but I had a lot to cover and when I make my videos I have to cut out so much information to fit it all into under 15 minutes. I plan on focusing on one subject from now on.

Big hugs and a HAPPY 2016!

XOXO, Laurie


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