Beauty Day

Makeup + Photo Shoot with the Beautiful Shannon Adams


One of the reasons I love being a part of the beauty industry is the way you can make another woman feel. I am all about empowering my sisters in this work and we are all sisters. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when I do someone’s hair and/or makeup and they feel beautiful. That little gasp when they look in the mirror… Heaven.

Shannon Adams



Shannon and I have been friends for many years. She is a wife & mother, a dog lover/trainer/breeder, a writer/blogger, a Jeep enthusiast, a work out queen, a jewelry designer, a hiker, a breast cancer survivor and the best coffee buddy I know (I am leaving stuff out)!


Shannon and I around 1991



When she called on me to do her hair, makeup and photos for her blog I was so excited (I mean, look at that face). It took us over 6 months to finally settle on a date, busy girls that we are. She even managed to get a new Jeep in the meantime and joined Brevard Jeeps . This girl goes out, by herself, and learns to drive her Jeep over hills, in the mud, in standing water… I am blown away. I feel pretty good about getting my Suzuki to Disney.


Shannon in her beloved Jeep!


Shannon adores her dogs. She brought two out today. Rama is a Champion Cane Corso Chestnut Brindle  and Sassy is a Grand Champion Cane Corso Black Brindle.

Florida gave us a beautiful, sweat free day with gorgeous backdrops and some gusty winds. Not to mention a couple of canines that wanted to be anywhere than having their photo taken. Didn’t they know it was beauty day?!  Rama wanted to go home and Sassy wanted to run and play.


Shannon, Rama and Sassy


Although we can’t always make it, Shannon and I have a regular coffee date at our local Starbucks. It is there we unload our lives upon the other, help each other through difficult times, inspire each other to action and allow each other to vent. Girls need girlfriends, bottom line.




Over the years she and I have talked about pretty much every subject under the sun. My favorite thing is when we bounce ideas off of each other or is it the unyielding support or maybe the you got this girl… not sure what I like best about our coffee dates but I imagine the people around us are entertained. And when I leave I feel better about my life. I hope she does too.



Shannon, Sassy and her Jeep!


As do many women, Shannon was faced with some difficult challenges in her life. From that she created her award winning blog, Walks with Rama, to reflect on her path in life, her love for her family, her dogs and her health challenges. And she has recently added a wellness page. I encourage you to visit her thought provoking blog. It is not just for dog lovers, but dog lovers will enjoy.



Shannon and Rama


Shannon is also a nature junkie/hiking enthusiast. She is always pushing herself with one challenge after another. She has hiked the Appalachian Trail (Georgia), Florida Trail, Muir Woods (Marin County, CA), Fiery Gizzard Trail (TN).



To get Shannon’s look:

Our day started with prepping Shannon’s skin. I had her scrub away with lemon and sugar on a cotton round to make sure the surface of her skin was nice and smooth.

See below for a look at some of the products I used on Shannon or visit my You Tube for techniques I used. Also, look at some of my previous blog posts for links to products or email me!














When I asked Shannon about her accomplishments she had a hard time thinking of any when I already knew so many. I think we often don’t give ourselves credit for the things we accomplish. And Shannon has accomplished so much. She strives every day to be a better person. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. I am truly lucky to call her my friend.

Today Shannon is going in for yet another round of surgeries.With all of the things going on in her life, being bed ridden is one of her most difficult challenges (as it would be for any of us). Think of her today and say a little prayer.

Lots of love… Laurie


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